If I purchase the whole set, will there be discounts?

Our books are published independently through Amazon.com. Because Amazon does not provide that option, we cannot sell sets for bulk discounts.

Is there an option to purchase the set as a whole?

This option is currently available on Amazon US, UK and JP stores. When you scroll below the product description section on the Amazon product page, you will see an option to add all books in the series into your shopping cart. On other Amazon store, this option is not yet available. You are more than welcomed to add multiple individual books into your cart for purchase.

Are there electronic versions of the workbooks?

We currently do not offer e-books for our workbooks.

How is the English translation designed?

The English translations in the workbooks are specifically designed in a way to closely match up with the Chinese sentence grammar structure. While this makes the translation somehow look Chinglish or look like a very literal translation, the design will help the English speaker to learn and understand the Chinese sentences better.

Why are some characters’ stroke orders different from what I have learned?

The stroke orders of our Traditional Chinese Editions are based on the Learning Program for Stroke Order of Frequently Used Chinese Characters by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. (Taiwan).

We are aware that the stroke orders for some characters were changed from the past, and since we based it from Taiwan's system, there might been some regional differences too.

As for the stroke orders of the Simplified Chinese Editions, we verify the stroke orders with various web resources including:

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