Anchia Tai is a Chinese-English bilingual homeschooling mom in America. She successfully taught her two children to read Chinese at a young age.

She strongly believes in following the natural language learning order. A child should learn in the order of "listening, speaking, reading and writing."

Frustrated with the lack of age appropriate Chinese-learning materials for young children, she created her own teaching materials to teach Chinese reading.

She organized many games and activities used with her own children into the curriculum--Fun with Chinese. Since then, Fun with Chinese has helped many young children learn to read Chinese.


Designed to learn with joy.

Fun with Chinese

Fun with Chinese

A Chinese character recognition curriculum designed for ages three to five

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Fill in Chinese

Chinese writing curriculum following Fun with Chinese

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Chinese Writing Practice

Chinese Writing Practice

Supplementary writing practice book for Fun with Chinese

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Blank Practice Book

High-quality notebooks and journals including Tian Zi Ge practice books, a primary composition notebook, etc.

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Curriculum that Motivates

Learning Chinese in a non-Chinese environment can be difficult as children have lower motivation. Parents need perseverance and patience. Therefore, traditional methods are usually not suitable for overseas children.

My curriculum uses a different approach to teaching. It successfully taught my two children to read Chinese at a young age. These methods are incorporated into Fun with Chinese.

I am very excited to help your child in the journey of learning Chinese.

Joyful learning begins with Fun with Chinese.

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